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Our Philosophy

Games should be challenging, thought provoking, story driven and unique.

Great games require good instructions, tutorials and several weeks just to understand what the hell is going on.

Incredible games piss you off so much the first time you play it that it takes a few weeks to come back, and when you do, you don't stop playing.

The truly best games influence your dreams, spare time, friends, work schedule and consume your conversations.

Our Game

We are deep into development of our flagship game Oberon with public release scheduled for late 2015.

We hope it is viewed as one of the truly best games.

About MJ

Monk James is the nickname of a fictional character. In the 1980's he was a cleric of mine from the days of Dungeons & Dragons. The actual name was James Monk but I put it on the character sheet as Monk James, failing to include a comma between the last and first name and now Monk is the first name. Stupid eh?

I am heavily inspired by the games of the 1980's and even more inspired by the computing systems from the 60's to the 80's. In my office at work I have a wall of vintage consumer grade computers, most still working. I can't say I have a prized possession in the lot, I feel attachment to them all equally. But what I don't have on display is a Digital Computer Corp PDP-8. I see this as important as this computer inspired the game Oberon. One day I hope to acquire a complete one that I can use but for now I'll stick to writing BASIC on the Atari 400.

My primary game interests in the 80's revolved around adventure and simulations. I list games that inspired Oberon in a blog article, but the short list includes, in this order, Taipan!, Exodus Ultima III/IV and Elite. Maybe being a little too specific, but all inspiration from these games comes from playing them on an Apple 2e with green/black monitor. To this day I regularly play Taipan! and Ultima on an emulator.

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